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 DANJIRA by James  

An account of how the band formed and how we reached the early line - up


I havenít been in any other bands so I canít really comment on the manner of our formation but Iíll tell you what happened from then to now.

Me (James) and Danny got guitars for Christmas so the idea was rolling around from that sort of time. Weíd go in his garage (as we all still do) and just jam, trying to re-create songs that we liked, but obviously when people like AC/DC and Guns ní Roses are your favourite bands, even advanced players (which I am now!) find it difficult to play the powerful riffs of Angus Young or the blistering neck-break speed solos of Slash. But despite this we thought we were good.

At around the start of April Danny asked me if Iíd like to be in a band which is really every rock fanís dream. Every Rock/Metal/Punk fan has dreamed of being in a successful band playing at somewhere like Donnington. So we started out just writing guitar parts and a few lyrics, but that time I had started guitar lessons. We wanted to be more than just two mates jamming so we decided the next thing we needed was drums, like every band starting out, money was a big issue, or lack of it really, but that didnít stop us. Basically we made a drum kit that consisted of paint cans, boxes and anything that would make a sound if you hit it really.

We got that set up and I was drumming on them. Next we recruited two of our friends, one more of a friend then another. One of them was Rob who currently drums in our band now. He got an acoustic guitar for Christmas was playing that in the band. The other guy Steve was one of Robís mates and our bassist for a month, a been and gone sort of story I canít exactly remember the reason for us sacking him but Iíll talk about that later. With the only experience in drums (10ish lessons) I drummed for the band. This didnít really work. I think the main reason was that none of us were very good and didnít really know what sort of dedication and practise it took.

Now back to Steve. We took him on because he had already been in a band and thought the experience would help us but he was the worst. He was a very quiet person and just stood in a corner quietly playing his bass, I know it sounds sad but itís true. Like I said I canít really recall the exact reason for him leaving but me and Danny knew he wasnít right for the band so a month after he joined, he left.

This is where I introduce the current bassist Tom. Iíve known him for ages and just wanted him to be part of the band, Danny or Rob didnít really know him but I did. So I asked him if he wanted to play bass, so Tom being determined as he is got a bass and lessons and improved before our very eyes to become a talented bassist with a lot of potential.

As I said I was still drumming at that point but I wasnít particularly enjoying it. Plus we was thinking about who should sing and I know Tom and Rob cant sing and lead guitarists donít have time to sing, Iím not bad at singing so I was the obvious choice.

Finally with a few more band practises and the buying of a cheap drum kit, rob took on the drums and I played rhythm and sang. This brings up to now,  armed with a few songs which have some good potential we aim to be gigging in about march/April sort of time so if hear our name please come and see us, you wont waste your time!