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A Little About Martyn Hoyle:

Born in Beverley 1990 which makes we the youngest in the band.
In my childhood I mainly hung with friends in a forest I used to live near.
I got my first kit when I was five and it broke months later and my interest was lost. The drums came back in to my life on my Dad 40th birthday,. He got a kit and I played it until I had abuse from neighbours.
I then started lessons and since that day I was a real drummer.,
I joined DANJIRA in August 2005 and since then I been rocking the drums. So that's me.

In the band:


Drummer, Drum Writer, Backing Vocalist, Lyrics Guy 3 and general bag of energy.

In my opinion: (by Tom)

Martyn was recommended by Fudgey (a friend) and as soon as we heard him we knew he was right for the band. He is a talented drummer particularly when free-styling and brings the speed, power and energy the band needs to the drums. And not only this, he also adds an impressive food intake to a band already eating for a small impoverished country. I see a bright future for this line-up.