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A Little About Tom Lambert:

Born in Beverley on the 4th of May 1989, I spent my childhood doing some 'Very Strange Things' in North Hull.

Me and James (Guitar in DANJIRA) formed a friendship when we were seven, after James hospitalised me by punching me in the ear for no particular reason... anyway, we've been friends ever since.

I'm at Wyke Collage now doing Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing and Graphics... Yes I know, very rock and roll... but I'll have a better job than you all soon so go do something unpleasant to yourself.

Apart from the band my passions are: Bass, Music, Loud (as a concept and a description of anything), Emily (a very lovely young lady unfortunate enough to meet me), Making things Loud, Spending lots of cash, Drinking (Guinness, Tia Maria, Vodka, Ouzo and Baileys for preference, though I'd refuse little, with the exception of Carling which is Yak Piss), Being loud whilst with Emily listening to music and being pissed. Oh and aggravating people and being lazy.

In the band:


Bass Guitarist, Backing Vocalist, Web Designer/Builder, Lyrics Guy 2 and Technical Guy who for some strange reason enjoys fighting with cables, plugs leads and controls to get mixers, amps etc. to work.

In my opinion: (by James)

Ive known Tom a while now (since 1995 ish) so I feel I know him well, too well sometimes. Anyway Tom is a hard worker when he has to/ wants to be but apart from that hes really lazy and senile. Hes a good bassist with definite potential and hes good for the band.