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March 31st The Ringside

Our first gig! We were on second and performed a set of mostly covers. As far as we are concerned the gig was reasonably good - obviously it wasn't perfect, due to the nerves but it wasn't too bad.

Set list:

Asche Zu Asche (With Ryan Pullen as a guest guitarist),  Pretty Vacant,  Squealer,  Mikey's Dad, and  Louie Louie


Tom and James, both in DANJIRA t-shirts.

Dannie, and we think this is probably Dannie again.

A blurry James and Tom sweating like some kind of rodent.

.:: Submit A Review ::. - If you have an opinion please post a review. Its helpful if you can use the headings used below.

Reviewer: Best Song: Worst Song:  Vocals:  Guitar:  Bass:  Drums:  Overall:

(Band Member)

Louie Louie Squealer 65 % 70 % 65 % 60 % 65 %
Comments:   I think that the gig went quite well, and I know that I loved every minute of it.

Louie Louie I have chosen 'cos by then nerves had completely gone and I enjoyed playing it most.

Although 'Mikey's Dad' didn't go too well, I chose Squealer because I f*cked up: I got myself out of time then just lost it. I blame nerves... but its no excuse : )

The 'Numbers' from me are fairly optimistic, but I do think they are quite fair... We will soon see as we get more reviews.


(Band Member)

Louie Louie Mikey's Dad 70 % 75 % 75 % 65 % 75 %
Comments:   I couldn't have enjoyed performing more, after all gigging is the purpose of a band. I think the gig was good for a first, the crowd seemed to like us anyway.

Louie Louie because the crowd seemed to like it most, It was my favourite song of the night and of course I had the harmonica solo.

I didn't like Mikeys Dad much on the night, it was written in a short space of time and

(Band Member)

Louie Louie - 70 % 85 % 85 % 75 % 75 %
Comments:   The gig was great fun and I think it was a good first. I can't wait till our next. Thanks to all the people who went.

Louie Louie was probably best, but I also enjoyed Squealer.

I don't have a 'worst'. They were all ok.


(Guest Guitarist)

- Asche zu Asche 70 % 80 % 90 % 40 % 70 %
Comments:   EXCELENTE!!!!! MUI MUI BIEN!!! nice 1 tom, whens ur next gig?
Becky Louie louie Mikies dad 77 % 62 % 66 % 44 % 71 %
Comments:   Gig was ok. Singing was good but the drummer needs to be better. Oh and liked the harmonica thing
Fudgey - - 50 % 45 % 50 % 25 % 49 %
Comments:   i have to say it was very very good for a band that havnt even
been playing the instruments long at all and if it was ur first gig it
makes it even better but there area few things that u need to clear up a
little. firstly the worst thing about it and i dont mean this in a
agresive thing at all because it was good but the thing that stuck out as
being not so good was your drummer i think you would improve a considerable
amount from a drummer that can play better. but the rest was good and will
get better with practise so just keep practisin and i loved the t-shirts! so
im sorry if i caused offence but it is only what i think with some
constructive critisism i hope its constructive any way.

(Jam Happy Bassist)

Louie Louie Asche zu Asche 70 % 75 % 70 % 60 % 70 %
Comments:  drumming a tad too ropey, if dani loosens up a bit she will play better and enjoy it more i think
Reviewer: Best Song: Worst Song:  Vocals:  Guitar:  Bass:  Drums:  Overall:
Averages: Louie Louie (Most Common) Mikey's Dad (Most Common) 67.4 % 70.3 % 71.6 % 52.7 % 66.0 %