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News from the first half of 2005

31/5/05 To avoid moving drums (on Dannie's Dad's orders) we planned a practice at Dannie's Dad's house. Danny pulled out, but James and Tom still went.

Whilst refining 'New World' an irate neighbour comes over to, rather viciously, complain about the noise. Tom clams him down and agrees to lower the volume (slightly). After a while the guy comes back even more pissed off, telling us to 'get the fuck out of here', because 'I cannot even hear the radio in my own home'.

Fun though it was to aggravate the neighbours, Dannie's Dad will hopefully let us move the drums in the future so we can practice in the studio.

There are a few pics of the room we were in here.

21/5/05 A highly productive session in the studio, finished the 'space rock' song, which is called 'New World' and reviewed two other songs.  
8/5/05 Practice in the studio, just James and Tom though; Dannie is at the rugby. Should get some writing done, we are planning to do a 'Space Rock' kinda song... see 'Hawkwind'.

Site Update - Review section added to Gigs, new pics put up (including pics of our last gig), and the T-shirt section of Other has been updated with pics of the finished shirts.

5/5/05 We have been removed from the Romada Jarvis Hotel gig because 'we are too heavy and loud'.  
4/5/05 Tom's 16th Birthday  
30/4/05 James' 16th Birthday - Got a 'ped for some reason.  
23/4/05 We have been listed on some random band - listing site... don't ask me. Tom found it, blame him. Anyway, the link is here.

PICS - there are none yet (how many times must I say sorry?) but there will be soon. You are waiting for Tom again by the way.

23/4/05 GIGS - There is an almost - definite gig around the 17/18 of May at the Romada Jarvis Hotel... but its kinda posh so we would like you to go if you like older/softer rock, like The Clash.  More Info.

There is also another gig planned at Tom's school but we don't have a date except that it will probably be in the next 2 weeks. More Info.

We are going into the studio for a while cos' we need to do some work and get some more writing done particularly. Hopefully we will be ready by the 'Romada Jarvis' thing.

23/3/05 - 1/4/05 No updates for a long while... sorry again but there have been other things going on. We also missed a gig at Tom's school: we didn't find out about it till the day before, but sorry all the same.   
31/3/05 GIG - It was amazing... the reason for forming the band. Our performance wasn't great but it went fairly well. The mob seemed to like some of our stuff at least. We can't wait to do it again: the most enjoyable thing so far...  
24/3/05 GIG - Sorry about this people, but the gig has been re-arranged from the 28th to the 31st. It starts at 7 at the Ringside Pub and basically anyone is welcome. More info  
22/3/05 Eight hours in the studio for the final practice before the gig - a good practice in all. Having practiced the set fully for the first time, we are fairly confident that the gig will go well. Pics will also be online soon.  
21/3/05 Website - There is a large expansion in the pipelines for the site. When this is finished the site will look basically the same but should be easier to use. If you have any ideas for the site or band tell us.  
21/3/05 GIG -  update - it has now been confirmed that we will be playing the Ringside on 28th March - everyone is welcome: BE THERE (please).

Thank you to the 36 people who have voted so far for the new logo, we have chosen '18-1' which will be on our t-shirts mail me if you are happy to pay around 16 for one.

 20/3/05 Another practice, just Dannie, Tom and James this time, reasonably productive - lots of work for the gig done and a new song actually written for the first time in a long while.  
19/3/05 Practice at studio, Ryan attends as a guest guitarist and quite allot is done.  

New logos announced and poll started.

We are planning to spend five consecutive days in the studio next week, from Sat to Wed, to finish off our set for the gig on the 28th.


A great practice at studio - finished another song for the gig and made good progress on the next. Video recorded of two songs and some random stuff... The video is going to take some time to get sorted, but a few photos should be up in the next week.


Tom goes to the studio all alone after the others cancel at the last minute... does 4hrs of work then goes home. Practice planned for the 13th - possibly with some video too.

7/3/05 New Pics!

GIG - The latest is that its at the 'Ringside' pub, on Monday the 28th of March. Look in the Forum for updates, post any questions there too.

6/3/05 A great practice at the studio... we got allot done and even took some photos (which will be added to the pics section in the next few days).  

GIG - DANJIRA will probably be performing at the Welly or Adelphi in late March. We have decided to use mostly covers for this gig, which we will be announcing in more detail as we find out more.


Sorry the site has not been updated for ages, but there have been problems, I wont bore you... Anyway, we are back. We have had a few practices since the last news, mostly writing.


Writing session for new 'Heavy' song.


Happy New Year!

2005 Is a big year for us, with our final line-up sorted we hope to be gigging by May.