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News from June to December 2005

25/12/05 X-mas saw a drum - kit each for Martyn (Pearl) and James (Yamaha) and a Fender Jazz for Tom.  
-/11/05 Lots of practices and developments - decided finally to not list every practice 'cos there really is no point.  

Not a bad gig really, a few people turned up at least.

Thanks to the sound engineer for the sound which was quite impressive.

Sidewinder who followed us were lacking in support unfortunately, but played a good gig and 'lent' Tom an A string after he snapped it during a sound-check.

26/10/05 . . : : ! Gig ! : : . .

Tuesday the 1st of November

The White Room

We have found our first gig with Martyn. It will be at The White Room and we will be playing alongside Sidewinder, a signed band who practice at our studios.

25/10/05 The Website finally sorted out, so you should be able to read this in about 24 hrs.

Whilst the new site uses the same style as the old one, it is much more versatile, particularly as the guts of the site which actually make it work are all new, so we can do anything we want with it now. So if there is anything you want to see online, post on our forum.

23/10/05 Studio again, to attempt to record New World. Lots of shit from the mics and levels and things so we didn't manage a recording which sounds anything like we want.

However we did take lots of pics, including cheesy band photos (see right).

At the end of the practice Martyn's dad came round with a camera to try and record us, but we were so loud (particularly Tom's Bass) that he was made to feel nauseous... quite an achievement, I'd say.

16/10/05 Back in a studio with a lift for another good practice, which saw the return of Pretty Vacant and another new song written. Tom also took his lass, Emily, which meant he was kinda distracted, but still got a fair bit done.  
9/10/05 Had a practice in the studio without a lift so we had to carry all the stuff up stairs, not fun. Some good stuff done though, finished off a rather strange song I think.

More pictures too, which is always good. The specimen to the right is James in a shirt which was stained with drink, grease and ketchup and smelled like a very fat smoker's armpit. One excuse is that he and Tom had an eventful Friday evening around Hull centre, but I wouldn't trust a word they say to be honest with you.

2/10/05 Practice, as usual, we actually did some more writing and it seems to be shaping up nicely.

If anyone has a gig, we wanna be there so get in touch.

25/9/05 Bass, Axe and Sticks at studio - did some stuff had some laughs and ate Chinese.  
18/9/05 James, Martyn and Tom attend a practice at the regular studios and get some more stuff done, fuelled as usual by Guinness... well Tom at least.

And for your visual delight, James on Mouth Organ playing into two mics which look rather like a pair testicles.

11/9/05 Another great practice, some more pics taken and I think we might have recorded Paranoid by Sabbath, though I may be wrong.

The pic is of Tom apparently driven to orgasm by the beauty of his bassline, or not as the case may be.

4/9/05 First practice with Martyn.


Manic, loud, fast, hard and very DANJIRA; looks like Martyn is a permanent fixture.

Spent most of the practice working through our current material and messing around getting us all to fit, which was surprisingly easy. And here I will quote Tom: 'Wow a real drummer at last... this is so f****** easy.'.

It's likely that we will take a few more weeks to get our songs down and do some writing - we are hoping to cut covers back and do mostly our own stuff.

30/8/05 The moment you have been waiting for has arrived...

*Tom pulls back curtain to reveal our new drummer, whilst a small drum roll occurs*

Introducing Martyn Hoyles, the first of DANJIRA's drummers to be described as 'F*cking Amazing' by more than one sober person at a time.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Katy 'Fudgey' Furze for putting us in touch... so, Thanks.

That's the worst picture of him in the world by the way so we not only decided to use it, but use it twice AND let you get a big version if you click... HERE    Scary Huh?

28/8/05 Although we have found our replacement drummer we are without one for this weekend so James persuaded his current lass, Katie, to drum for today. Katie turned out to be reasonable on the sticks and some progress was made.

We finally have a good camera so you can actually see what we are taking pictures of(!). We can also record videos easily though not in great sound quality, so expect a few demos to appear.

27/8/05 We regret to inform you that Dannie Winter has left the organisation.

The decision was made by mutual consent and there should be no hard feelings.

The loss was due to Dannie's priorities - mainly the band not being one of hers.

DANJIRA would like to thank Dannie for what she brought to the band and wishes her the best of luck in her next musical project.

A replacement has been found and will be announced soon. We are back in the studio writing some more stuff.

14/8/05 Again Dannie pulls out of a practice, so Tom and James are at the studio alone, get a little bit done at any rate.  
7/8/5 When Dannie couldn't get to a practice James and Tom decide to have one in Tom's Garage. It went surprisingly well actually, and we randomly recorded some blues which doesn't sound too bad despite being quite boring. I think it's on the site, or will be soon anyways.
4/8/05 James' back  
2/8/05 Tom's back - Baileys by the way... great stuff.
19/7/05 Portugal is where Tom is off for two weeks.  
13/7/05 James leaves for America for a few weeks should be back soon and once we are all here again get back to it.  
8/7/05 Tom and Dannie have a practice in the studio after James pulls out due to him GETTING A JOB!

He's working 8:30 to 5 Monday to Friday... if you ask me it's f*cking disgusting.

Anyway Dannie is making reasonable progress and it shouldn't be long before we are ready to gig again.