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The Latest News:
31/5/05 We Require a Vocalist!

Although we will consider anyone with stage presence and flare, someone with some basic Rhythm Guitar skills would be preferred.

..:: Apply! ::..

1/1/06 Happy New Year!

Looks like a good new year ahead:

Lots of Gigs

New Singer

New Kit

Better Website

News Letter



25/12/05 X-mas saw a drum - kit each for Martyn (Pearl) and James (Yamaha) and a Fender Jazz for Tom.  
-/11/05 Lots of practices and developments - decided finally to not list every practice 'cos there really is no point.  

Not a bad gig really, a few people turned up at least.

Thanks to the sound engineer for the sound which was quite impressive.

Sidewinder who followed us were lacking in support unfortunately, but played a good gig and 'lent' Tom an A string after he snapped it during a sound-check.

26/10/05 . . : : ! Gig ! : : . .

Tuesday the 1st of November

The White Room

We have found our first gig with Martyn. It will be at The White Room and we will be playing alongside Sidewinder, a signed band who practice at our studios.

25/10/05 The Website finally sorted out, so you should be able to read this in about 24 hrs.

Whilst the new site uses the same style as the old one, it is much more versatile, particularly as the guts of the site which actually make it work are all new, so we can do anything we want with it now. So if there is anything you want to see online, post on our forum.