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Lots of pics , Including a godly pose which lost the head for some reason and his 'ped.





First Practice with Martyn


Kate, James' girl plays drums for us.


In Tom's Garage.

Real Last Practice before gig.

Drumming and growing ears.


Last Practice before gig. We managed to fit another one in on the morning of the gig actually, but at the time... well, you get the picture.

Drumming and growing ears.

Playing the axe and randomly some feet.


Sunday 6th March, at Studio

Sat on a drum stool soloing like a mop possessed.

These are the first pics of James' rather sexual Ephiphone SG, light wasn't good so its hard to see in most pics but it is there...

Singing... obviously.

The pic on the right is quite a good shot of the SG.


At studio on 29/12/04


Band practice on 22/12/04

(Using a Harmonica by the way)