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Two scary 'band photos' and some bass.




Hot and Thirsty Work

Morning of 1st Gig - March 31st

Both blurry, but at least there are some.


Tuesday the 22nd

Only three pics this time.


Practice - 06/03/05

 At Studio as usual

It seems most of the time Tom was on top of his amp...

The scarf is Dannie's by the way, he swapped it for a strange hat.

Still on the amp... playing Squealer by AC/DC probably.

At the end Tom went on the drums and looks like an absolute tit in every pic.

These two are the worst, especially the one on the right... scary.

New Straight Hair... God it looks Different

29th Dec at Studio

X-mas: New Cabinet: Ashdown MAG 410T

Practice on December 22nd 2004